Pathways' Projects

Your Brother's Blood is Calling
by G. Arell

This book describes the challenges in Southern XJ faced by the different people, groups and politics. In the middle of domestic war we follow the Swedish work, hospital and children homes. We see how the conflicts effects the people in many different ways and make people stand against each other across front lines, seperated by walls and decisions. We hope it will be a great contribution to the understanding of the region during the 1930's.

  Originally 310 pages, hope to be printed 2010
   First draft completed, currently editing

Habil - The First Martyr in Xinjiang
by Gustaf Ahlbert

It is now time to translate this book into local languages. The English book is a pure translation of the old Swedish, with all the concepts carried by Swedish people 75 years ago. These are not always very good views on other people, but it is up to the reader to interpret and evaluate.

On its way to be translated.

Prayer Calendar     

30 days of prayer and info

Our goal is to make a prayer calendar for the region, to have one topic per day in the month to encourage prayer.

Starting phase, expected for 2010


Pathways Publishing wants to publish books with special focus on Central Asia. The purpose is to expose culture, history and the only way.


There is a clear need to increase the historical understanding of Xinjiang and the church history for the Uyghurs.But even more so to pray for the people, you can support this work by a donation. 

Any feedback or input you may have is highly valued by us we would love to hear from you!