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Habil - The First Martyr in Xinjiang
by Gustaf Ahlbert

The book 'Habil' is a current translation of a book written by Gustaf Ahlbert in 1934. It is a vivid description of the situation in Kashgar for Habil in the 1930's and his life. It is exciting to read a book written by a Swedish worker in Kashgar and to see how he interprets the life in Central Asia and Habil's challenges. Definitely a unique book about Kashgar and the Uyghur church in 1930's.

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Patigul och Ujgurerna      av Xiao Cao

(Patigul and the Weegurs)

Lovely pictures and text about the true story of Patigul who encounter pain and sorrow, but finds the way back to hope and joy. The pictures are extraordinarey and show a real picture of Uyghur life. 
Available in English from Christian Focus Publising

Pris: 40 SEK + porto 24kr


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